Danielle Nicole...

Writing words is a skill that comes easy to me. Give me a topic and I could sit and write for hours. Somehow I am able to just sit there and perfectly string words together that just pull at the heart, tear up your eyes and take your breath away. I never knew how to turn those passions into a career that I would always enjoy and never feel like its a job.  Well photography was a monumental milestone in my life that I didn’t foresee. It was a passion that I didn’t know existed. Just like my love for my stepdaughter. She was a roadblock that I never saw in my future and yet now I can't see my present or future without her. Fortunately I saw my husband in my life back in high school. And I knew when life just kept getting in the way when it finally cleared that I didn’t want anyone else. Photography has given me a tool to capture the moments in not only my life but in the lives of my clients. Having professional photos is an investment and a luxury that you can't afford not to indulge in. Let me be the one to capture the image of your current life. Whether you want to propose to the love of your life, marry them, start your family or capture their growth. I want to tell the story of your family whether it be through still images or film. And I cant wait to capture your journey. I Hope to hear from you soon.    

With love, Danielle Nicole