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I could start from the beginning of what brought me here, I could talk about where I dream to go and who I dream to be. But what I want to truly talk about is who I am today. Who I am today is stronger because of the life I walked through. Who I am today is motivated because of where I want to go in life. My identity has found itself within my growing career in photographing some of life’s most inspiring moments. Picking up a camera, looking through the lens and seeing the images I’m creating before I even capture it, is an indescribable feeling. The memories I create with my camera, doesn't only bring a temporary happiness to my clients but offers them a lifelong memory of those special moments. Even when time passes, and age progresses and minds fade. What I get to create will last an absolute lifetime and I did that. I got to give them that gift. And to get to see my images on family's walls, and to know my pictures fill albums on coffee tables, gives me a selfish amount of pride to be able to offer that to those around me. It’s hard to admit to what my favorite times in life are to capture because each client, each story, each moment, is so beautifully unique that my days are never the same. 
From witnessing twin boys being born, to the day he finally got to watch the woman of his dreams walk down that aisle, to the echoing sounds of giggles and chuckles and belly laughs from tiny tots. I am truly blessed to have found a job that surrounds me with so much positivity and pure unfiltered moments. I've been in this industry for 4 years and cant imagine doing anything else. My clients become friends and I get to follow their life's milestones year after year and I wouldn’t trade this job for the world. So if you're here, you have a memorable event coming up in which you want it to be captured in a special way and I hope to be the one who gets that opportunity. I would love to talk more in detail so send me an inquiry and lets start the magic. I hope to hear from you soon!

-Danielle Nicole

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