Hello all. I know just as well as you guys that planning your dream wedding, an event or getting professional photos taken, can be a pricey and sometimes overwhelming investment. I am an advocate that both or either ways of documenting the monumental milestones in your life are one of those luxuries that you cannot afford to not indulge in. I do not say that because this is my job but because the impact they have had on my family. You always believe that there is no way you wont remember how the little giggle sounded from your little girl. But when she's 16 and yelling at you that you've ruined her life (I was that girl once) you will then forget how cute that giggle was. And with films you are given the unique opportunity to freeze that moment in time. Or that moment when your fiancĂ© became your husband and he cried like a big baby but will never admit it to anyone. Well, you could have proof. Alongside photography, videography is booming into the light and I of course want to get on this train. Even though I do not promote myself as a videographer I do have the capability to put together some intimate films and would never dream to deprive my clients of what I can offer them. So if you are interested in supplementing videography with your photography services or are looking for just film based off of my portfolio. I would love to chat more with you. I appreciate you guys helping me grow just as much as I love documenting you and your families grow.